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Two Bucket Method Kit

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The 'Two Bucket Method' is the correct wash routine

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2* 20l Buckets (with lids)

2* Scratch Shields

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Two Bucket Method

In the first bucket, the Wash Bucket; shampoo (pH neutral) and water, as normal.

In the second bucket, the Rinse Bucket; clean fresh water.

First off, you soak your mitt in the Wash Bucket, and begin washing the car (starting at the top and working your way down)

Then, before dunking the wash mitt back into the Wash Bucket, you rinse it out in the Rinse Bucket; of clean fresh water - this rinses out the dirt and grit particles from this mitt, preventing them coming contact with your paint, reducing the number of swirls inflicted. 

The Scratch Shield sits at the bottom of each bucket, preventing the mitt coming in contact with the dirt and grit at the bottom, and also preventing the dirt and girt being lifted off the bottom as a result of the water moving about the bucket when dunking and rinsing; meaning even less chance of the mitt picking them back up and them reaching your paintwork to inflict scratches.


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Two Bucket Method Kit

Two Bucket Method Kit

The 'Two Bucket Method' is the correct wash routine